Tutorial Materials for the LAMMPS Users Workshop 2019

On this server we will publish software, inputs, handouts and other materials for multiple tutorials that are held during the LAMMPS Users Workshop 2019, August 13-15, in Albuquerque NM.

Most of the material will be available ahead of time by Friday August 9th, and you are encouraged to download and install/configure it according to the instructions provided here.

Virtual Box

To avoid spending much time on compilation and installation of LAMMPS and related software, materials and working executables will be distributed as a preconfigured Virtual Box Linux virtual machine image, thus it is highly recommended to install and configure Virtual Box on your laptop ahead of time. You can download Virtual Box for your operating system from the Virtual Box Download Site. Selected packages are also available here. For several Linux distributions, Virtual Box is also directly available for installation through the distribution's package manager tool (e.g. apt, yum, or dnf).

Note: VirtualBox requires Virtualization to be enabled on your computer. If you get an error about missing CPU support (VT-x) go to your computer's BIOS and try to enable Virtualization (VT-x or AMD-V) support.

Virtual Machine Image

This virtual machine image appliance file, Fedora4LAMMPS.ova is a preconfigued Fedora 29 Workstation Linux system with LAMMPS, Ovito, VMD, KIM-API, and development tools pre-installed so we can start with the tutorial right away. Also, most of the tutorial materials and some related documentation are pre-installed and configured. To install the virtual machine, you need to download this image file (about 5GB in size), launch Virtual Box and then go to the "Import Appliance" option and import the file. The virtual machine settings have been chosen very minimal for maximal compatibility. You are encouraged to adapt the settings to better match your machine for improved performance, e.g. increase available RAM and enable additional processor cores, possibly also improve the graphics settings. The current settings should be sufficient to run the LAMMPS hands-on tutorial sessions, but are not sufficient to compile LAMMPS. For people not familiar with Linux, it will be beneficial to look up some Linux tutorials on the web and practice a little bit working on Linux (if you want to use LAMMPS on any HPC facility in the future, you will have to learn it anyway). The virtual machine image has a preconfigured user account "lammps" with the password "tutorial2019".

Using your own OS

We will also be distributing copies of LAMMPS installer packages for Windows and the source code of the latest LAMMPS stable release, so you can compile, install, and run on your own OS without having to use the virtual machine. But given the large number of participants that registered for the tutorials, the tutorial assistants will by preference help people using the virtual machine and thus help with issues using LAMMPS. Help with installation and compilation will be limited.

Individual Tutorial Materials and software